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Dreamcast Top 100
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Rank: 1 Site: In: 469 Out: 586 is one of the referents in the Spanish scene. Tons of homebrew, and an excel·lent community

Rank: 2 Site: SEGA-DC.DE In: 460 Out: 786
SEGA-DC.DE is the biggest German Dreamcast website. We have a wiki where you can find tutorials, reviews, interviews and much more!

Rank: 3 Site: Dreamcast-Scene In: 362 Out: 521
DCS is the world's largest Dreamcast database. Lots of tutorials and more. DCS ist die weltgrößte Dreamcast-Datenbank. Es gibt viele Anleitungen und mehr.

Rank: 4 Site: Dreamcast-Talk In: 298 Out: 371
Friendly Dreamcast Community with Q3, pso and max pool servers.

Rank: 5 Site: DCEmulation In: 275 Out: 532
DCEmulation is the world's largest and oldest Dreamcast community. We have a great and very helpful community, lots of tutorials and downloads and up-to-date Dreamcast scene news.

Rank: 6 Site: Dream-storming In: 143 Out: 306
Articles, interviews et tests en français sur la Dreamcast. Partenaire de Guardiana (DC Database)

Rank: 7 Site: Maturion's Dev Blog In: 135 Out: 268
Maturion's development blog (in German). Get all of his Dreamcast releases when they're fresh!

Rank: 8 Site: DreamLive In: 108 Out: 712
The main Russian Dreamcast fan site .We also have English forums .

Rank: 9 Site: =SF= SonicFreak Forums! In: 74 Out: 252
The ULTIMATE PLACE for Sonic Fans!

Rank: 10 Site: In: 37 Out: 359 is a meeting point for German dreamcast online gamers.

Rank: 11 Site: SEGA Support Site In: 25 Out: 306
SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, Arcade, handelds, mobile, news, download, trailers, Radio etc.

Rank: 12 Site: Dreamcast Help In: 8 Out: 277
emptythought's DC Windows® Tools and indie releases.

Rank: 13 Site: In: 4 Out: 333 is a forum for German-speaking homebrew developers. We also have a Dreamcast area.

Rank: 14 Site: DreamSNES In: 3 Out: 641
DreamSNES is the best SNES emulator available for Dreamcast.

Rank: 15 Site: =Sonic RPG Corner= In: 2 Out: 222
The ULTIMATE forum for RPG fans and Sonic Character fans! So join if you're a fan of those things! :D

Rank: 16 Site: In: 1 Out: 375 - Germany's biggest console modding source - Dreamcast included

Rank: 17 Site: Guardiana In: 1 Out: 292
Dreamcast Database included complete japanese, americain and european games. Please note that you can manage your collection, evaluate, propose cover, etc. Guardiana also included GameGear and MegaDrive database !

Rank: 18 Site: Dreamcast Museum In: 1 Out: 199

Rank: 19 Site: SE9A In: 1 Out: 190
SEGA stuff and homebrew news. From Galiza.

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